CopperCon Sightings

Attention: Repeat Information Dissemination approaching. You may experience some turbulence.

CopperCon is in North Phoenix this year, and it’s actually almost walking distance from the Draco Vista Studios.

I’ll be appearing on 3 panels this year, 2 on Friday (one on Serenity and one on Podcasting), and one on Sunday (one on young adult speculative fiction other than Harry Potter. I have a list…).

I’ll also be wandering about the place, taking in a few other panels, hoping to catch up with some authors I know, and even helping out at the AZ Browncoats table if I’m able.

I’m not sure which panels Joe made it onto, but maybe he’ll post something here letting folks know his CopperCon schedule. hint, hint

If you’re around and see either of us, say Hi.

Hmmm… wonder if we need to come up with some sort of Kick-Ass Mystic Ninja Network greeting for just such occassions.

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  1. “Kick-Ass Mystic Ninja Network greeting for just such occassions. ”

    I say a secret handshake is in order.

    I’ll be at CopperCon tonight! See you guys there. I’ll be the one with the Batman shirt.