KAMN Show #4: Blue Thunder / Airwolf

Welcome to Show #4!

Today, we spread the love for the gizmos, the gadgets, the weapons, and the stylings of two of our favorite souped-up monster machines. Re-live the explosions and the cheese the way only the 1980’s could bring them to us!

Joining Joe and myself again for this discussion is David Moldawer, writer, videographer, and Dragon Page book reviewer. He’d never seen Blue Thunder until a few weeks ago, and he came away impressed. Dave’s almost a full Ninja, so show him some love, too.

We’d also like to present a new segment, Old School Anime Reviews for Your Ears, by Aaron from Weekly Anime Review. This week’s feature is Mobile Suit Gundam… Enjoy!

Movies Mentioned:

I’m not linking to the DVD version of Blue Thunder listed at Amazon, because the details say it’s the older version, which was full screen only. The version I rented had full screen on one side, and widescreen on the other, but that version isn’t available from Amazon. It is, however, available from DVD Planet for a tasty $6.99 plus shipping.

Oh, and I think I have to add a post-show correction. I mentioned that I thought the Blue Thunder was adapted from a book… I either misinterpreted a “Story by” credit, or had a crosswired memory with Die Hard.

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  1. Hey guys. Just listened to the podcast this morning and I have one word – FANTASTIC!!!! Used to have the same debate when I was a teen about who would win in a fight, Airwolf or Blue Thunder.

    The one thing you missed was that Blue Thunder did become a TV series in its own right following the movie. The biggest thing I remember about the formula of the BT series was that every problem could be solved with a single precision shot from the cannon. Very cool.

    Loved these shows and HBO/Cinemax has been running BT lately so it got me thinking too. Wish I could get the entire Airwolf series on DVD or aired on TV Land so I could TIVO it. Loved that show.


  2. Glad you liked it, Bob!

    The Blue Thunder TV series had been brought up in the earlier discussion here on the blog, but we were already at double the usual show length, so I opted not to talk about the series. Plus, I never saw it! Alas… or maybe that was a good thing?

  3. Just saw on Netflix that the full Season One of Airwolf is out on DVD. Yeah. Will be fun to go back in time (sort of) and watch it again.

    You guys are great and look forward to every podcast you guys end up on, other then this one. Listening to Cover-to-cover right now. :-)


  4. Just saw that AMC is airing Firefox this evening (Dec 23rd).

  5. I heard on SOSF that you (Summer) had lots of ideas for a B5 podcast. Sounds great – why then waste time and podspace on dreck like this? Blue Thunder was average and Airwolf was trash.

    C’mon guys you can do better than this.

  6. Because I have become addicted to radio and podcasting, and I have a lot to say about a lot of different books, tv shows, and movies?

    And the B5 podcast isn’t my project… I’m just helping to get it off the ground, as a contributor and maybe as a coordinator, of sorts.

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