KAMN Show #8: Knight Rider

Welcome to Show #8!

This week, we discuss Glen A. Larson’s Knight Rider.

Summer’s all better now (thanks so much for the well-wishes), so she, Joe, and Dave jump right back into the early 1980s and one of many “futuristic tech” scifi shows featuring toys for the big kids.

Did Knight Rider help that subgenre back then? Does it hold up well enough to tempt new viewers and new shows? The first season is available for download via iTunes, and the fourth and final season will be released on DVD in April.

This week’s Old School Anime Reviews for Your Ears, by Aaron from Weekly Anime Review, is about the ground-breaking action scifi movie, AKIRA!

Shows and Movies mentioned:

Promo: The Babylon Podcast
Link: Knight Rider Online
Link: Jump the Shark: Knight Rider
Link: Ask A Ninja Video ‘cast


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  1. Lookin’ forward to listening! (I’m saving up all of my usual podcast listening for the week to take on a trip this weekend.)

    KR was one of my favorite TV shows while growing up. I can’t say I’ve seen any of the episodes since, so I can’t say how well it has held up over the years. But, that’s neither here nor there; I thought the old BSG didn’t hold up very well at all, but I still love it.

    After your Lathe of Heaven show #5 – I don’t know if it was just me or what, but all of a sudden I noticed a lot of LoH references. I actually had a question about LoH for you guys, but I’m getting old and can’t remember it.

    All right for my ADD.

  2. I’ve been watching Knight Rider in HD on Universal HD (http://www.universalhd.com/). It really brings back memories. Never did make the BSG connection until you mentioned it. Now I can’t watch it without looking for BSG props.

  3. Mark McCoy says:

    Just heard the “Knight Rider” episode. Great stuff. Keep it up.
    Thought you might like to check out this website of a guy in Florida who will make your “Knight Riding dreams come true.”
    Very cool stuff, even has a smaller version to convert a Fiero if your so inclined.
    Keep up the great work, and Ill keep on listening.

    Wilmington, NC

  4. Yet another good ep. I agree with Summer, an A-Team ep would be a lot of fun. I tell ya, that show shot the most bullits without actually hitting anything ever. Of course Dwite (sp?) Shoults (sp?) did go on to have a steller cammeo in TNG.

  5. Dwight Schultz. Goofy without being annoying.

    And I think you’ve hit upon a way for us to do an A-Team show. They defied all known laws of probability and perhaps physics by shooting that many bullets and either hitting nothing, or being uncannily precise with a single shot amidst the barrages.

    If that’s not scifi, I’m not sure what else you’d call it :)

  6. Kit with the cylon eye, I’d almost forgot about that. For some reason that reminded me of a Lone Gunman ep where they went to a firing range and the female was introduce ala Lara Croft.

    A show on the A-Team would be awesome. There must be at least fifty ways to drug your lover’s milk.

  7. Summer wrote: Dwight Schultz
    Boy could my spelling have been any worse. Damn dyslexic brain.

  8. tim callender says:

    I was never a KR fan. But listening to your list of all of KITT’s attributes, I was reminded of another supercar: The Mach 5. It’s got the ability to jump, travel undewater, swing out buzzsaws… made me wonder, who would win in a fight? – Jack Mangan, where are you when we need you?

  9. Cheesetastic show, thanks for all the memories! One thing: Summer, I’m pretty sure I’d consider you a young pup, but I simply cannot reconcile with the idea of you getting a giggle over anything. Chuckle, maybe–but never giggle. Harrumph.

  10. Good call, that would be a good duel if you included the drivers. The Mach 5 did have that cool bird thingy it could launch.

  11. Mark, I look far younger than I really am, and I’m even younger at heart than that.

    So yeah, I have been known to occassionally giggle.

  12. >Good call, that would be a good duel if you included the drivers. The Mach 5 did have that cool bird thingy it could launch.

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