Show #12 Delayed

Sorry about this guys, but Show #12 about Logan’s Run will be delayed a few days due to unforeseen suckage, er, technical difficulties.

Meanwhile, may I direct your attention over here to this display of bright, shiny objects?

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  1. Hey! Everyone! Check out these bright and shiny objects! Mmmmmm shiny…

  2. belindalibrarian says:


  3. Nigel in Melbourne says:

    Ooooooooooh. Shiney.

  4. Ohhh, pretty lights……..

  5. Zathras never gets anything nice.

  6. Karen from Kalifornia says:

    I have now watched this dang movie 3 times! C’mon, guys…I’m starting to get the DT’s here…

  7. Fear not, most of the technical difficulties were sidestepped or overcome. My side of the conversation will still sound like ass (it was that, or have me sounding like TD-0013 the entire show).

    The editing is taking forever because my machine is really low on RAM, but it will be finished this week, once I figure out what parts I need to re-record.

    Karen, you have the patience of a saint to watch that movie three times. That, or got bored while OD’ing on Wingin’ It :)

  8. You guys don’t do enough of these shows. I love KAMN! Perhaps you can do without sleeping, or umm, working, so you can entertain me with your shows. I still want to hear a Flash Gordon show!!! “Flash! He’s for everyone of us!” My god, the memories!

    Also, how about 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea? Book and Disney Film.

  9. Shivering says:

    I’m living overseas (Sweden) and your show certainly
    is the highlight of my week. Not having a new show has caused my vision to blur! I would suggest a William Gibson, Bruce Sterling (Schismatrix), or
    THX 1138 show. I miss my geek friends back in the USA and your show makes the distance seem much less.

    Love ya!

    ps – do you come with a Mountain Dew dispenser? 😉

  10. I have now watched this dang movie 3 times!

    Great googly moogly Karen! How on Earth can you sit thru that thing THREE times?

    That, or got bored while OD’ing on Wingin’ It :)

    Is that even a possibility?

  11. Hey Summer, Joe, David,

    No rush, but any update on this episode. I had no reason to go back and watch Logan’s Run as it’s one of my all-time favorite movies (really!), so I’m pretty excited to listen once this one gets released.

    Hope it’s all coming together. :)

  12. Lon,

    Yes, Flash Gordon would be an amazing show. I’ve seen it dozens of times. Brilliant. I will petition for that in a future episode.