Show #16: Pre-show Discussion

Continuing with the early posting of show topic discussion threads, it is my pleasure to announce that Show #16, scheduled to record the week of July 2nd, will focus on the short-lived Fox TV series Space: Above and Beyond.

Is using “short-lived” and “Fox” in the same sentence to describe a TV show a bit redundant, or is it just me?

Anyway, if you or someone you know doesn’t own it, you might have to buy it to check it out. For some unknown reason, this box set is not listed at Netflix, which to me is odd. Then again, a friend of mine said that they didn’t carry Firefly for the first month or two after it was released, so maybe they’ll eventually get it in their library.


  1. hmmm….I just got this series on DVD, so I guess this is a perfect time to break it out and start watching!

  2. Rob Williams says:

    wow, I didn’t realise it was on DVD. I enjoyed this when it was on TV and was suprised when it was pulled.
    If I remember correctly the two writers were big names in the first few seasons of the X-Files.

    Anyway, I always had a thing for Vansen 😉

    Bring it on

  3. REALLY enjoy the show – keep up the good work.

    If you haven’t already been deluged with this link, thought it may tickle the KAMN’s fancy:

  4. In many ways this series anticipated the new Battlestar Galactica. It shares a similar look and feel, falls into the “military sci-fi” genre, as well as presenting the audience with characters who each have a unique back story and motivation. The shows also have a similar foe, as the AI are very much like the Cylons; a creation of humanity gone renegade.

    Unfortunately this series was probably a victim of bad timing. It came out just before affordable CGI effects for television became widely available. The Sci-Fi channel was still in its infancy, as well as in the midst of an identity crisis as it tried to decide whether it was the Lost in Space re-run channel, or the Tales from the Crypt channel. Space: Above and Beyond was thus left to the unkind mercies of network television. If it had only come out 5 years later, on the Sci-Fi channel, it would probably still be with us.

  5. The series was the victim of a Fox panic-attack at the slide in ratings of X-Files during the same season S:AAB ran.

    Fox’s resolution for this problem was to cancel S:AAB and send the show’s creators, Glen Morgan and James Wong, back into the X-Files fold to supposedly get that series back on track. I do wonder what would have happened if they’d tried to go with this show after X-Files’ run was over.

    And don’t get me started on the dominos that fell when Fox cancelled Harsh Realm after 3 episodes instead of 4. Actually, I ranted about that on either a Slice or a Wingin’ It sometime last year.

  6. Michgander Jim says:

    There was one thing of the show that bothered me. Sending pilots into ground combat as a regular troopers every other episode. I would almost shout at the TV, “They are Pilots!�. But I settled down when James Morrison delivered the line about them being Marines, and they will do what ever mission they are ordered to do. Okay, and there was a man power shortage, and sure, all Marines are riflemen first, and cooks second. But they sure did get sent on a lot of ground combat missions.

  7. I thought the series had a lot of potential, but like was mention the pilot/grunt thing was distracting. The ladies were quite hot.

    The ep Scar from Battlestar reminded me of a similar ep on this show where an ace enemy fighter was chalking up kills.

    I haven’t watch any of this series since it was on tv, but do remember thinking the show was influenced by the Wing Commander games.

  8. I actually enjoyed the series immensely when it first aired. I am glad to see that James Morrison aka Lt. Col. Tyrus Cassius “T.C.” McQueen found new life on Fox by being a part of the 24 series for the past two seasons.

    I thought that this show had some interesting ideas layered under all of the military scifi stuff. I like the whole, “a clone is a second class citizen”, theme they tested sometimes. Plus, the show was a little dark and gritty. This was very different from shows like Star Trek.

    I do think that the show was influenced by stories like Starship Troopers and games like Wing Commander. I wonder if the new Battlestar Galactica creator was a fan. There are some similarities between the two shows visually.

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