Another Kuato update

Just to give everybody a idea of what’s up.

I talked to the surgeon this past week, and we decided on a colonoscopy, and based on those results, determine whether to start with surgery, or do chemo first to shrink the mass. I’ll have the colonoscopy on the 21st (these docs are lightning fast, eh?) Won’t know more till then.

I just want to say thank you to everyone who called and emailed in. I haven’t you answered you all individually, but I have read every one and am very greatful for your thoughts, prayers, and advice and support. Really, you have no idea.


  1. So no go on getting in earlier, eh? That sucks. Fast as molasses, I say! Keep me updated- I’ll be in MN until Thursday- back in on Friday. Woo hoo :(

  2. Peter Trussell says:

    I get a colonoscopy almost every year. The procedure is not that bad. Its drinking all that liquid to clear your colon thats not good.

    Perhaps someone can make new drinking game rules to help you down that stuff.

  3. Joe,
    I don’t know if it means anything, but my prayers are there. Such a scary thing to go through. Please keep us updated.


  4. Long story short… if prayers are heard, I’ve got the youngest podcaster communicating to the big guy (or gal) on your behalf, Joe.

    My four year-old started saying prayers before going to bed around a year ago. She started with god bless mommy and daddy… now she’s got around 20 or more she throws a good word in for every night. You, Joe, are the latest addition to her list.

    Umm… yeah, you come right after ‘monster.’ I still haven’t figured out which monster gets a ‘god bless’, but hey, it can’t hurt.

    Good luck with the procedure, Joe.

  5. P.G. Tell your son I said thank you very much for keeping me in his prayers.

  6. Oops… forgot to mention… it’s my daughter, Samantha 😉

  7. Joe, I just realized there may be a silver lining to this. On an old (I think) Slice you said that if you won the lottery, all you would do is stay at home and read all the SF books you have not had a chance to get to in the past.

    I recommend you use the recovery time for exactly this endeavor!