Ninjas in Other Podcasts

Sheesh… I can’t believe I forgot to post this here.

Right after Thanksgiving, I chatted with The Lipstick Aliens, Show #13. They even stumped me with some trivia questions.

Check ’em out!

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  1. Summer! How can you not be watching LOST? *cry*

    You would totally dig that show!

  2. I think I watched the first episode, but decided for time reasons that I wasn’t going to follow it. Unfortunately for me, the two shows I wanted to watch, Surface and Threshold, were later canceled, so I could have caught up with LOST if I’d really wanted to.

    Basically, someday, I’ll catch up on DVD. Right now, though, not so much.

  3. Good reasons! Surface was so good and I had been looking for more, but…

    It pisses me off that the ratings are all in the hands of the people with little boxes above their televisions (Nielsen). They are the demise of so much good content! GRRRR!

  4. What’s really scary is that they’ve already proved that the Nielsen boxes aren’t all that accurate. All the media corps threw a fit when the People Meter boxes started showing different ratings and watching trends than what they’ve come to expect from the old boxes. I think there’s still some grumbling about which ones really work best, and I’m not up-to-date on the sitch.

    Not that I’m 100% pushing this, but since so many people have cable and satellite for their TV serivce, and you know that most of the stuff is digitally tracked, why can’t they give customers the option of having their viewing habits officially tracked for a week or a month, for use in tallying ratings?

    DirecTV and Dish have viewing histories and the DVR services have the same info. Why can’t there be a way to allow the viewer to have what they watch be officially tallied for a pre-arranged period of time?

    It might not save a lot of shows, but who knows? Maybe with the nets looking into alternate methods of delivering content, we may not need to allow another eyeball into private lives.

    I guess I’m still torqued about “Day Break” not finishing out it’s run. And ABC needs another channel to run it’s programming on besides ABC Family. I mean, NBC shuffles it’s content between NBC, USA and SciFi, and look how well that’s working out!

    I can’t see Day Break on ABC Fam, but I notice they’re running Ugly Betty there… not my type of show, but at least they’re starting to think about it. If they had a channel to rerun LOST on, you know that Day Break would be right there with it.

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