KAMN Show #29: Voicemail Show

We have a rare and special treat for you this time around: a separate voicemail show!

Summer, David and Brian dive into the voicemails we received for Show #29, Colossus: The Forbin Project, and much fun discussion ensued.

Voicemails: Nick in Anchorage on the “I (heart) Colossus” t-shirt seen in the background of the final scene, and wants to know if the Ninjas will tackle Doctor Who in future episodes; Moose is intrigued enough by our commentary to go check out the movie again, which leads to a Ninjas discussion about how older shows we loved as kids may or may not hold up to newer viewings; Scott in Middletown is leaving voicemails at high speed on Virginia mountain roads late at night, and thinks we need to give Colossus’ creators some slack in not being able to anticipate the machine’s growth beyond their control; RapidEye wonders why we didn’t bring up the fact that Colossus’ creators didn’t implement something akin to Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics to apply to their supercomputer to keep it reined in; Tom from Wake Forest also received a bad copy of the movie from Netflix, which leads to a discussion on older DVD players and compression methods on newer DVDs; Kurt in St George thinks that Colossus has more personality without a voice than with a voice, and grows from a petulant child into a megalomaniacal monster, and really doesn’t understand the sex appeal of an overly restrained Dr Forbin.

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  1. Vanamonde says:

    Does this mean you are going to stop mentioning peoples comments (on the website and via email) on the show?

  2. Vanamonde says:

    In regards to Dr Who, maybe you could cover specific stand out stories. For example in the Tom Baker era, The Pyramids of Mars and The Robots of Death were two of the best stories done for Dr Who in my opinion:



    As for not visiting old shows, it really depends on the show. The BBC used to do reruns of Flash Gordon during school holidays, I enjoyed them as a kid, but I find the series unwatchable now. However I still enjoy watching some Gerry Anderson puppet series, which is more than I say for his live action series like UFO and Space 1999, which make make me cringe.

  3. I think they did this simply because of the volume of Colossus related voicemails.

  4. I don’t know if we’re going to have regularly scheduled voicemail shows separate from the actual KAMN shows, but we did get a higher than expected number of responses for Colossus.

    Right now, we’re just seeing how things go as we go along :)

    I also need a new layout here.

  5. Shows that would not stand up to watching again – behold my sadness. I absolutely LOVED the anime Star Blazers growing up. Thought it was the best thing ever.

    Fast forward to a couple years ago. I’m thirty, and spot a video from Star Blazers for ultra cheap at Suncoast. Jump on it and run home to watch. I almost cried at how BAD it was. Overblown metadrama, bad plotting, dumb characters, and too much metaphysics.

    Rather than risk another episode, I try veeeeeery hard to stay away from childhood loves anymore – its too dangerous.

  6. I know exactly how you feel, Eric.

    I absolutely loved Star Blazers when I was a teenager. I’d rush home from school to watch that, Kimba the White Lion, Marine Boy and Captain Scarlet.

    I’ve seen the Star Blazers series 1 collection on sale a number of times, but have been very afraid of being disappointed after I’d bought it. I know I didn’t want the second series, but I think one day, I’ll give in to temptation and get that first series.

    Maybe I should just rent it from Netflix and save myself too much heartbreak…

  7. Don’t do it Summer, your inner ten year old will cry!

  8. Rebecca from Oz says:

    Hey guys, a late comment since I just listened to the voice mail show.

    I vote for a Dr Who show as well. Yes, there’s a *massive* amount of material there but I have total faith in the Ninja’s ability to turn it into a great show :)

    Also, I’d be curious about Blakes 7 (I noticed it’s out on dvd). I haven’t seen it for many years and wonder if it holds up to viewing now.


  9. Summer, you mentioned on this show (I’m playing catch up) that a lot of Doctor Who isn’t available. This isn’t the case apparently, as the 200Gig torrent I’m slowly downloading will attest. If you or any of the others want the file (I don’t clasify it as illegal seeing as I’m in the UK and my ancestors paid TV licenses to pay for the show) send me a mail and I’ll send it across.

  10. Wow! What happened to the audio quality? I first tried listening to this on my iPod last week and I thought maybe the file had been corrupted (it’s happened before), so I downloaded it again. No, not a corrupted file. I ended up listening to this through my computer speakers so that the Skype crap didn’t bother me so much.

    Content = excellent!
    Sound = needs work

  11. I don’t know what’s happened. My setup at home has deteriorated over the past 6-10 months, and I’ll be damned if I know why.

    Mike’s working on a solution for me, though, so hopefully this problem won’t continue for much longer.

  12. Chris Jacobs says:

    It looks like this download is an empty file or just missing:

    I just discovered the podcasts and I’m enjoying the shows.

    Chris Jacobs

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