KAMN Show #37: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Welcome to Show #37!

Not surprisingly, the Ninjas voicemail number is gone. But we can probably handle smallish recordings emailed to us… check first before sending longer comments.

Feature Discussion: Summer, David, Brian and Jen tackle Invasion of the Body Snatchers, both the 1956 version startting Kevin McCarthy, and the 1978 remake starring Donald Sutherland and Jeff Goldblum. The 1956 version was based on a story called “The Body Snatchers” by Jack Finney, that was first serialized in Collier’s Magazine in 1954, and published as a novel in 1955.

Brief Story Description: A handful of people uncover an alien plot to take over the human race, and go to great lengths to remain themselves and warn the rest of the world.

Silly aliens… Earth is for Humans! You might catch something here unless you’ve had all of your shots.

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Movies mentioned:

Link: Wikipedia: Invasion of the Body Snatchers
Link: Wikipedia: Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978 Film)
Link: Wikipedia: “The Body Snatchers” by Jack Finney


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  1. Walter says:

    So what’s an example from you guys of a 5-star movie and a 5-star tv show? Might help to better understand your grading scale.


  2. Yay! You’re back again! I really think this should be a daily podcast.

  3. For me, the list is interesting.

    Maybe we should make a separate post of our Netflix favorites?

    I can list some of my 5-stars here:

    TV Shows:
    Babylon 5 (S2, S3, S4)
    Band of Brothers
    Angel (S1, S2)
    The 4400 (S1)
    Miami Vice (S1, S2)

    and if it existed on DVD, I’d include Brimstone

    The Usual Suspects
    The Magnificent Seven (1960)

  4. Here’s the Jeff Goldblum video you spoke of:


    And it’s not the only one. This is even better:


    And the Wizard of Oz/Pink Floyd thing:


    Here’s the trailer for Bodysnatchers 1956:


    And here’s the 1978 version:


  5. The woman you mentioned who played the ‘panicked chick’ in “Alien” is Veronica Cartwright.
    Here’s a bit of triva for you. Veronica Cartwright is the sister of Angela Cartwright who played Penny Robinson on the original “Lost in Space”.
    how’s that for useless informaton?

  6. We remembered her name later, but I didn’t know they were sisters.

    Hooray, useless scifi trivia!

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