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g.i. joeIn addition to my long-time duties as a Kick-Ass Mystic Ninja, which of course outweigh any obligations to friends, family, or nation, I work as an associate editor at St. Martin’s Press, a book publisher in New York City.

St. Martin’s is a part of Macmillan, which in turn owns Tor, the biggest and baddest SF publisher around. And Tor has just launched, a publisher-agnostic blog and community site for SF lovers, and I’ve joined the team of bloggers (which includes some really, really terrific folks who are far more interesting than me like Jim Henley, Cory Doctorow, Charlie Stross, and more).

There’s also a gallery of SF art. And did I mention it’s a paying venue for new SF short fiction?

Currently, we’re all here at San Diego Comic-Con, blogging about the various geek-gasms to be enjoyed, but when we return the SF-related posts will continue 2 fast 2 furious, and I thought it might be up your Kick-Ass-enjoying alleys.

So go check it out, and let me know what you think of the site, both content and design. It’s in beta, so your thoughts are welcome and will be very much appreciated. Science Fiction. Fantasy. And related subjects.

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