Roger Zelazny Collections from NESFA Press

The New England Science Fiction Association is the group behind Boskone and NESFA Press, and during 2009, they are publishing the collected short stories of Roger Zelazny.

Volume 1: Threshold and Volume 2: Power & Light are already available.

Coming in July 2009:
Volume 3: This Mortal Mountain
Volume 4: Last Exit to Babylon

Coming in December 2009:
Volume 5: Nine Black Doves
Volume 6: The Road to Amber

From NESFA Press:

We plan to print a complete collection of Roger Zelazny’s short fiction and poetry, in (most likely) six hardcover volumes. We expect to include all published fiction and poetry we can find, however obscurely published, and a number of unpublished works retrieved from Zelazny’s archived papers. We also expect to include the shorter early versions of several novels, several novel excerpts that were published independently as short works and a few of Zelazny’s articles on topics of interest to him.

The order of the volumes will be semi-chronological, generally by publication date. A few works, along with all the unpublished items, will be inserted near other works written at the same time. Most pieces will have forewords and/or afterwords of a literary or biographical nature.

We will commission introductions and/or essays from family, friends and writers who were fans of Roger Zelazny’s work. As of this date, Robert Silverberg has contributed a general introduction. One of our editors has written some biographical essays to spread among the volumes.

They also have a special request:

If anyone knows of a copy of an unpublished Zelazny story named “Checkup”, we would like to obtain a copy. It was written in 1975 for a special “children’s future” issue of a UNICEF quarterly publication. We have records of it being paid for, but no trace of the story has surfaced.

Feel free to contact them directly if you have any information about this lost story.

Link: Read more about NESFA’s Zelazny Project

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  1. Mary Hahn says:

    Hey, Summer! I ordered all six books, order #1114, paid for six books and got five. Where’s my sixth books: Amber? Know I should say something great about ole Roger, but what can I say besides, great, great, great stuff? And since Roger’s writing ranks with Shakespeare or somebody of equal wonder, glory and skill, I MUST, MUST, MUST have my sixth book!

    • I’m not affiliated with NESFA Press, so I’d receommend checking their website to see if they actually published it yet, and call them?

      Something similar happened with my order for the Clark Ashton Smith complete collections from Night Shade Books. I’d placed the original order years ago, before Volume 1 even came out, and I got the first 4 Volumes like clockwork, then nothing for about 2-3 years. I guess something happened on their end because I never received Volume 5, and just happened to see that they were preparing to send Volume 6 out. I sent them an email, gave them my order number, and sure enough they’d switched inventory and billing systems, and they still had my order in their records, but somehow it got lost in transition to the fulfillment database or something.

      But I got the books no problem, so happy camper am I!

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