KAMN Show #44: The Black Company

Welcome to Show #44!

Feature Discussion: Brian, Dave, Jen and special guest Sam Roberts discuss Glen Cook’s 1984 fantasy debut, The Black Company. This story and series is noted for it’s gritty portrayal of war and its combatants, and its cult classic following amongst members of the military.

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Books mentioned:

Link: Wikipedia: The Black Company
Link: Wikipedia: The Black Company (novel)
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  1. Glen Cook also does an excellent series with a hard-boiled detective in a fantasy world. Called the Garrett series. Worth checking out in my opinion.

  2. Hmm. I gotta say, this will not be joining the stack of books I have that I bought after hearing about them on this show. Just does not seem all that appealing.

  3. Arkle, the first three books are definitely worth checking out, if you like your epic fantasy seasoned with blurry lines delineating warring factions, realistic portrayals of battle, and about 12 other fluffy “safe” fantasy tropes flung in the mud and stomped on.

    There are elements in these stories that echo forward in newer tales, so it’s sort of like seeing the first stepping stone being laid down.

  4. Well, maybe once I’m down with Jherreg(sp?), and More Than Human, and…

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