KAMN Show #45: Ghostbusters

Welcome to Show #45!

Feature Discussion: Summer, Brian, and Jen discuss the 1984 pop culture sensation Ghostbusters, the lamentable GB 2, the ideas for more sequels, and even the different TV animated series.

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  1. Hayden Jones says:

    Hurrah, another episode!

  2. Aw man, not more GB2 bashing. I liked that movie! :-(

  3. Thank God you’re back!

  4. Amen.

  5. Interesting you speak about Dan and his love for Ghosts and the actual physics. Recently on the Canadian Broadcast Network CBC he and his father Peter were on speaking about Peter’s new book “A History of Ghosts”. He has some pretty personal exposure and experiences with them. You can download the episode at the following:


  6. Great show, ninjas.
    I think I may have an explanation for the disparities between the original movie and the animated “Real Ghostbusters”. Why they look different … why Slimer is friendly.
    I recall an episode of “Real Ghostbusters” where the characters from the (animated) show go to the filming of the (live action) movie. There’s hilarious (ahem) self-referencing like Ray saying he’s being played by “some guy called Dan Aykroyd”.
    So the “Real Ghostbusters” is in a different universe to the movie Ghostbusters. And apaprently it’s a universe where Slimer is friendly.

  7. I can’t believe that Jen forgot the Hollywood episode of “The Real Ghostbusters,” in which the cartoon characters complain that the movie actors don’t look like them. I think Venkman even says, “Who’s this Murray guy?” Of course, she probably watched it as a small child, and I watched it as a wizened adult.

    “The Real Ghostbusters” was how I became a fan of JMS, which is how I came to be at the San Diego Comic Con preview of Babylon 5. Feel free to be jealous; I was there.

    Personally, methinks the problem — plotwise — with GB2 was the fact that a scary picture was really a smaller threat than Gozer was. A sequel should have a bigger villain. One of the first modules, if not the first for the role playing game was “Hot Rods of the Gods,” which (in my humble and completely unasked for opinion) would have been a great sequel with the Ghostbusters dealing with a global threat of alien invasion rather than an unhappy city.

  8. Oh, in case you download Matthew’s recommended Canadian podcast with Mr. Ackroyd and dad, the interview with them actually starts 20 minutes in. You know, in case you just want to skip past all the other stuff not related to anything I was interested in and listen to the good bit.

    Now I have to find that book they were talking about …

  9. is it just me or did the ninjas confuse Ernie Hudson with Reginald VelJohnson (the dad from Family matters)

  10. Frank:
    In my defense, I was a wee little thing when I watched “The Real Ghostbusters.” I don’t think I could tell you the plot of any episode. But I know I watched that far more often than I did the movie, because to me, Egon is and has always been blonde, with kind of a ho-ho roll in the front of his hair. Egon in the movie looks honestly weird to me.

  11. >>is it just me or did the ninjas confuse Ernie Hudson with Reginald VelJohnson (the dad from Family matters)

    We did not sir! Reginald Vel Johnson is in the movie. For about ten seconds and has one line. He’s a guard in the jail scene:


  12. Jen, please don’t be defensive at all. It was merely that you dependably do know this kind of trivia that I was surprised at you not knowing it. And I definitely agree that when I think of the Ghostbusters, I think of the Real Ghostbusters. I firmly believe that the smartest thing they can do in making the new sequel would be to get JMS to write it.

    Is it just me as an ex-smoker, or just me as a parent, but when you go back and see the movie now, does it bug you that everyone smokes constantly?

  13. my mistake, sorry bout that y’all.

  14. Okay Folks, I’m catching up on old episodes and hoping to give you guys a little more of my thoughts.
    Great show and interesting ideas, but I think you folks missed some really key elements.
    First of all. Before Ghost Busters there was a 1970’s television show called- “The Ghost Busters”.
    I remember it being rather silly, but at least it was during the time of actual live action kids shows. (I vaguely remember a Gilligan’s Island in Space too). So, it would be interesting to see how they won out on the name “Ghost Busters”
    Secondly, The main difference between GB I and GB II was audience. Ghost Busters I was what Reitman was known for – Sophomoric comedies. Most of those are connected to university which is where he starts for GB1. But when it came out, it was a hit despite the obvious sex jokes with kids because of the fantasy… So GB II was retooled to be more of a kid’s show.
    Take a look between GB I and GB II. For one thing, GB I has all the main characters smoking. In GB II, none of them light up.
    The sexuality is toned down in GB II and even Dana gets a face lift to give her more roles.
    So your concern that she’s a bimbo in waiting, is exactly what the tone was set for in a Sophmoric comedy. I mean. How many strong women do you know are in those?

    Thirdly, Aykroyd’s interest in the Occult is legendary. He was the driving force behind a pretty decent X-Files mania show called “Psi Factor” out of Canada (Personally I think the first season was their best), in which Dan actually came out and straight faced told folks about the weird stuff they were going to experience.

    Finally, It’s my guess than Harold Ramis’ politics infiltrated Ghost Busters like most of his movies. Ramis at the time (don’t know if its true or not now) but was a pretty rampant Republican. You can see this throughout GB I as the message is “Government is stupid and will just regulate you” “Universities waste your money”, and there’s a third line about taxes if I remember correctly. The whole idea is that the Ghostbusters don’t really become anyone until they get off the government teet and use the Free Market system. You can see this pro-capitalism is everything stance all through the movie. The “in your face” aspects of it are all through the Bill Murray character including the “Women just want a strong man to take care of them” paternalism.

    thanks for the trip folks!
    Love to hear your thoughts on these!

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