KAMN Show #48: Earthsea

Welcome to Show #48!

Editor’s note: There were numerous audio problems with this show, including a sudden cutoff before the end of the discussion. We’d hoped that exhaustive searches of a few backup sources would turn up that missing 20 minutes, but unfortunately, it’s lost to time.

Feature Discussion: Dave, Brian and Jen discuss the 1982 Ursula K. Le Guin classic Earthsea series.

While they touch on all the books in the original trilogy and Tehanu, they primarily talk about the first novel, A Wizard of Earthsea, which focuses on a young Ged, following the story of his apprenticeship, schooling and training as a wizard.

There’s also an anime produced by Studio Ghibli, and of course, the poorly reviewed SciFi Channel miniseries “based on” the novels that annoyed the author. Annoyed her greatly.

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  1. I pretty much gave up my regular checking of the site sometime in January – I mean it’s 2012….

    I should have known the ninjas were just waiting for me to let my guard down 😉

    Thank you for the show!

  2. Because that’s what Ninjas do!

    Now I just have to find time to audition new ninjas, and get them into training!

  3. Vanamonde says:

    /faints in shock

  4. Glad to have you back.

  5. Glad your back! Carry on.

  6. Yay! Welcome back!

  7. Satai (with Punsch) says:

    Typical ninjas, sneak up an episode when you are not looking. :)

    Always nice to have a new KAMN episode to listen to. Great to have you back. Ninja training camp, sounds good. Im sure you can scare some new recruits out of the shadows.

  8. Hurray! You’re back.

    On the other hand, it is time for the next podcast….

  9. I notice iTunes (Canada) still shows Blade Runner (3/7/10) as your last ‘cast.

  10. I’m human. I had a longer comment, but it got wiped when I had to click the back button.

    Anyway, I wish you guys luck on returning to semi-regular production. KAMN is a good show idea.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  11. Michael says:

    Hoping against hope, I figured I’d drop by to see if KAMN was still around. The website is still here, but no activity for quite some time. ‘Tis a shame, I always liked KAMN. Sad to see it fade …away…

    • Yes and no. I still want to revive KAMN, get new shows out, but I can only do so much on my own.

      There are several handfuls of people who are ready to get to work on reading and studying up to dive into those stories, but making time that’s convenient for all for recording, me having time to edit and produce those recordings, all while trying to maintain enough freelance work to keep things going… that’s the current trick.

      Never say never :)

  12. I’ve noticed that some folks have done well using Patreon, so perhaps KAMN could benefit from this. Patreon donations could be optional, with benefits for different contribution levels; Q & A with the Ninjas, voting for future topics, etc. Perhaps being considered as a potential Nnja should require a minimum donation level as well to establish commitment.

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