The Search for New Ninjas Begins

The search for potential new Ninjas officially begins now.

Currently, the plan is to recruit a handful of people to create a pool of Ninjas, and each topic would be covered by myself and two other Ninjas. That way the burden of having to read or watch everything would be spread out amongst a few more people.

To start, I’m planning to have a new episode ready in September, followed by another new show in December, and so on. But if things work smoothly, the option to do shows as frequently as every other month could become a possibility.

What this really means is that active recruiting will be open in just a few weeks, and August will be dedicated to training and homework — another glorious day as a Ninja!

I am also still interested in expanding the old school book reviews posted here, most likely by folks in the new Ninja pool. Reviews can be print only, or both audio or print, I’m good either way. Those will likely have more of an irregular schedule to start off with, but as with everything, with practice we’ll find our level.

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  1. Great idea Sum! I don’t have time, but am looking forward to hearing new stuff down the feed again.

  2. Having KAMN back will be a good thing!

  3. I hadn’t intended it this way, but it’s seriously looking like KAMN may get back up and going not long after Babylon Podcast signs off for good.

    And a tip o’ the hat to you, Kevin, for the pool of Ninjas idea came to me whilst watching you orchestrate the SBMR co-host rotation in rochambeau-style each month!

  4. That is excellent news. This was my favorite podcast back in the day and it introduced me to the Hyperion Cantos. Good to know it’s not dead.

  5. I could probably co-host on an occasional basis. I know some areas of SF very well, and that might be helpful….

  6. Just saw this Summer, always willing to lend a hand (or voice) if you need one. KAMN has always been kinda special to me.

  7. Brian, Brad, you’d both be welcome! I’ll put your names in the hat for when I get the Ninjas mailing list started.

  8. Not that I’d be the best candidate for this, but what are you looking for in a ninja?

  9. People who have a curiosity about or fascination with scifi and fantasy!

    Anyone with a broad knowledge of scifi and fantasy, especially the classics and some of the more obscure authors as well as the award-winners, would be a qualification.

    Someone who knows, or who wants to know a little about how the writing, publishing and consumption of such stories has changed over the past 100 years; someone who’s curious about the history of the story, and how the state of the world at the time might have been the key piece in helping someone understand that story better.

    People who can point out the gems in a story as well as the flaws, and maybe do both well enough to convince someone who wasn’t even born when that story was published to be interested enough to go check it out anyway.

    My plan is to focus more on the books and older movies, but I’m not sure yet what to do with the TV shows. Most of the ones I’d want to cover are the older series, and I’m not sure how easy those are to find or rent, although I’d guess that some of them are easier to find now than they were 5 years ago.

    And who says I want or need the “best” candidates? If everyone was a PhD in Literature, that wouldn’t be as much fun!

    I want people who want to read and talk about these stories, to agree and disagree with the rest of us but also clearly back up those opinions so the listeners and the other Ninjas know where that’s coming from. We might not all agree, but we’d get it :)

    If you love scifi and fantasy, enjoy history and most importantly, love story, and you also enjoy a good geeky argument now and then, well, you too can be a Ninja.

    So go ahead and throw your hat in the ring, too!

  10. I’m an old sci-fi and fantasy geek. I’ve enjoyed the KAMN podcast and I’d love to participate if you’d have me.

  11. I’ve got a fantasy movie podcast and would love to be among the pool of viewers. I’ve been podcasting for a couple years so I think I have the general hang of it. I have pretty broad geek knowledge of sci fi, fantasy, and anime. I haven’t read a whole lot of science fiction, but I’m not adverse to doing so.

  12. Thank God you’re making a comeback! KAMN was imho easily among the top 10 greatest podcasts ever created.

    I would be honored if I could enter the ninja pool. I meet most of the criteria laid out above. I’ve also read, watched, or otherwise consumed nearly everything covered by KAMN, as well as making some suggestions for future topics in the old forums. And I’ve met Brian Brown at Dragon*Con.

  13. So is there a Ninja application form to fill out?

  14. Not officially, not yet… a list will appear soon, and those who have expressed interest will be part of it, and we’ll discuss further.

  15. Me! Me! Me!


    I just started to re-listen to the Chronicles of Amber (thanks Audible). After this I’m thinking of revisiting the Elric series. If that doesn’t quality I don’t know what does.

  16. Did you end up finding some ninjas? I would be interested if you are still looking. I am a bachelor of media and communications, love fantasy and I think something like this would be useful to my future career.

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