Robin of Sherwood Revisited

Every now and then, comments pop up on my old review of Robin of Sherwood, for the original (and at the time only) NTSC Region 1 DVD set of that classic and magical series, from people asking where they can find the DVDs.

Early on, they couldn’t, unless you found one of the box sets I’d managed to purchase. But as always, things change, new releases come about, and surprise surprise, by the time I republished that review here, new DVD sets had begun to arrive on the shelves. That same company, Acorn Media, even released Blu-ray versions of those sets in 2010, and I’m told that the picture quality on the 2 season sets is beyond stunning. It almost makes me wish I’d waited a year before buying the newer sets, but since I still don’t own a Blu-ray player or hi def television, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy the magnificence.

Those Acorn Robin of Sherwood domestic DVD and Blu-ray releases from a couple years ago are readily available from online retailers now, including, so buy and enjoy!

Now if only someone would reprint the 4 novels, or create an omnibus collected edition of those stories, a lot more people could read them.

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