Fans Showing The Love

Andrea Loves Us!

Andrea, consummate Wingin’ It and Slice of SciFi and Ninjas fan (and of a buncha other FarPoint Media shows, too) has stepped up, showing us how deep her love for Ninjas runs.

Show #17: Pre-show Discussion

Show #17 will cover Alfred Bester’s SF classic, The Demolished Man, a novel that was also the first winner of the Hugo Award for Best SF Novel in 1953. Plan on being able to listen to that show the week of August 7th. Link: Hugo Awards (Worldcon)

KAMN Show #16: Space: Above and Beyond


The feature topic for this show is Space: Above and Beyond, a military scifi show created by X-Files writers Glenn Morgan and James Wong for Fox Network, and likely one of the first victims of Fox Network’s habit of early killings of scifi shows with potential.


Ninjas have been Nominated


The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas podcast has been nominated for a Parsec Award in the “Best Fan Podcast” category!

Upcoming KAMN Shows: Update

Due to difficulties in locating “Ill Met in Lankhmar” for some Ninjas, we’re flip-flopping books. So the updated schedule of the next few new shows will be: KAMN #16: Space: Above and Beyond (DVD) KAMN #17: The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester (first Hugo winner) KAMN #18: Clash of the Titans (DVD) KAMN #19: Ill […]

Dragon*Con attendance update


It looks like two Ninjas will be at Dragon*Con.

Y’all rock. Just sayin’.

KAMN Show #15: More Than Human


Summer, Joe and David reach into the wayback machine and grab an old one off the shelves: More Than Human by Theodore Sturgeon. A winner of the International Fantasy Award, this story is broken down into three novellas from different perspectives of the creation, growth and maturation of a different kind of human.


A Summer Moving Sale

I asked the folks in the Wingin’ It chat room about this, and there seemed to be some interest in it, so I’ll ask here as well.

I’m going to be moving at the end of July. Don’t worry, I’m staying in the area… but it’s past time for me to clear out some stuff.

Upcoming KAMN Shows

Sometimes, it’s better to plan ahead, so that’s what I’m doing now The FarPoint Media crew is going to be very busy in July and August, traveling to cons and making appearances, so we Ninjas are going to plan show topics for the rest of the summer, and adjust accordingly if need be. KAMN #16: […]

Show #15 Delayed

Once again, technical difficulties have arisen to bite us, or rather me, in the ass.