Appreciating the Gift of Storytelling

The science fiction world lost two storytellers this summer, Ray Bradbury and Harry Harrison.

I never met Harry, but I felt like I got to know Ray a little bit, just from how much director Roger Lay, Jr had talked about him and about working with him while they were making the film Chrysalis several years ago.

Robin of Sherwood Revisited


Every now and then, comments pop up on my old review of Robin of Sherwood, for the original (and at the time only) NTSC Region 1 DVD set of that classic and magical series, from people asking where they can find the DVDs.

Early on, they couldn’t, unless you found one of the box sets I’d managed to purchase. But as always, things change, new releases come about, and surprise surprise, by the time I republished that review here, new DVD sets had begun to arrive on the shelves.

The Search for New Ninjas Begins


The search for potential new Ninjas officially begins now.

Currently, the plan is to recruit a handful of people to create a pool of Ninjas, and each topic would be covered by myself and two other Ninjas. That way the burden of having to read or watch everything would be spread out amongst a few more people.

Roger Zelazny Collections from NESFA Press


The New England Science Fiction Association is the group behind Boskone and NESFA Press, and during 2009, they are publishing the collected short stories of Roger Zelazny.

Show #44: Pre-show Discussion


Our topic for Show #44: The Black Company by Glen Cook.

The first volume in the Books of the North, a series chronicling The Black Company’s time fighting in the Empire of the North, in service of The Lady and her efforts to revive her empire.

A Remake of Triffids?


The Day of the Triffids is being remade. On the upside, it’s being done by the BBC

New and Improved Ninjas

So, what do you think of the new look?

It’ll take some time to add in the appropriate thumbnails for older posts and shows, but eventually we’ll get there.

Show #42: Pre-show Discussion


Show #42 will cover The Stainless Steel Rat by Harry Harrison.

Originally published in 1961, it tells the story of The Rat, a criminal and thief who is convinced to join an elite law enforcement agency… comprised entirely of former criminals like himself.

As we’ve seen so often in history, sometimes bad guys can be pretty good good guys., a new blog and community site for SF lovers

Tor has just launched, a publisher-agnostic blog and community site for SF lovers, and I’ve joined the team of bloggers (which includes some really, really terrific folks who are far more interesting than me like Jim Henley, Cory Doctorow, Charlie Stross, and more).

Show #40: Pre-show Discussion


Show #40 will cover Jhereg by Steven Brust.

Published in 1983, it’s the first book in the Vlad Taltos saga, of a planned 17 volumes. Steve likes the number 17; he’s said so.