Ninja Updates

Two other items of note: the Ninjas now have a tip jar. Feel free to donate shamelessly, because from time to time, we may pimp shamelessly!

Also, David Moldawer is now officially a full-fledged Ninja. In case you haven’t heard it yet, you really need to listen to Wingin’ It Show #56 in order to experience the sheer chutzpa and brilliance that we are calling his Ninja Final Exam.

Show #12 Delayed

Sorry about this guys, but Show #12 about Logan’s Run will be delayed a few days due to unforeseen suckage, er, technical difficulties. Meanwhile, may I direct your attention over here to this display of bright, shiny objects?

Aging Tech Gear

I haven’t investigated how much it’d cost to get this tank fixed, but I do happen to have another laserdisc player. I just hope it still works, or I’m going to have to jump through some hoops to find a replacement.

And yes, I would find a replacement. Laserdisc is the only media I have left for the original Star Wars trilogy in it’s pristine original form.

Yet another Listing

We now have a Ninjas Listing over at Podcast Pickle. If you’ve got a userid over there, give us a rating, pretty please?

We’re Listed!

Thanks to the kind efforts of Brian Stearns, The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas podcast is now listed in the iTunes Music Store.

We have Links!


Looks like the awesome site mentioned the KAMN podcast back in November, and I’m only just now finding out. I really have to check incoming links more often.

Additional KAMN segments?

I’m thinking about adding a segment not related to the show’s main topic: an old school anime or game review. Thoughts? (Yes, KAMN #3 is coming very soon. Wednesday night, if editing goes as planned.) (Plans. Yeah, right. Thursday night.)

Signs from the Universe


The Ninjas were meant to be a show business entity, and the Universe is offering us credit for our efforts.

Traveling to World Fantasy Con

Actually, I’ll be attending WFC 2005, finally meeting some of the authors I’ve been talking to for years, including Matt Stover.

Discussion: Favorite Book Series

Okay, this isn’t an official pre-show discussion, but I want to know what your all-time favorite multibook series are.