Serenity Marketing

I went to see The Brothers Grimm at a Harkins Theater, and scored two more Serenity posters.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for Firefly & Serenity material.

Cross-promotion is good for the spirit

Last night, I joined Chuck and Kreg from Chuck Chat Technorama, and I let a good chunk of my geek side show. Go to Technorama for August 28 and hear me geek out, and maybe even put out the call to get Joe on there next, since they've now they've had 3 out of the […]

More Viral Marketing

The latest excerpt has been posted (thanks Jeff!), and is of course mirrored here: Session 165

Viral Marketing, cont'd

The third video in the Session 416 Serenity viral marketing series has been released

Viral Marketing

Session 416 Excerpt seems to be the first of a series of "leaked" Alliance interview sessions with their gifted new student, River Tam.

If you watch the newest excerpt, Session 1, and listen closely, you should be able to identify the person playing River's interviewer.


The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas are coming... you never know where we might pop up!