Robin of Sherwood Revisited


Every now and then, comments pop up on my old review of Robin of Sherwood, for the original (and at the time only) NTSC Region 1 DVD set of that classic and magical series, from people asking where they can find the DVDs.

Early on, they couldn’t, unless you found one of the box sets I’d managed to purchase. But as always, things change, new releases come about, and surprise surprise, by the time I republished that review here, new DVD sets had begun to arrive on the shelves.

KAMN Show #48: Earthsea


Feature Discussion: Dave, Brian and Jen discuss the 1982 Ursula K. Le Guin classic Earthsea series. While they touch on all the books in the original trilogy and Tehanu, they primarily talk about the first novel, A Wizard of Earthsea.


KAMN Show #44: The Black Company


Feature Discussion: Brian, Dave, Jen and special guest Sam Roberts discuss Glen Cook’s 1984 fantasy debut, The Black Company. This story and series is noted for it’s gritty portrayal of war and its combatants, and its cult classic following amongst members of the military.


KAMN Show #40: Jhereg


Feature Discussion: Summer, Dave, Brian and Jen discuss the 1983 fantasy Jhereg. A fun, fast-paced story set in a uniquely crafted world, it’s a good opening story in the Taltos saga, even though there is mucd laid down that doesn’t get explained until later books in the series.

Yes, we argue about the casting of the non-existent movie. After more thought, Summer thinks Vlad should be played by Guy Pearce. Jen wants to see Vin Diesel in anything. The casting discussion gets silly, as it should be.


Review: Robin of Sherwood


Even after 20 years, this series still holds a special place in the hearts of many, including mine. Seeing these episodes in clearly remastered digital glory rekindled the magic, even though it’s been nearly 15 years since I’d seen them last, on worn and barely viewable VHS tapes made from the series’ brief run on Showtime from 1984-86.

KAMN Show #36: The Broken Lands


Feature Discussion: Welcome newcomer ninja stunt double Jen Crawford. Jen is a big fan of 90s TV, so we’ll have to explore that in future KAMN episodes.

David, Brian and Jen chat about “The Broken Lands”, Book One of the “Empire of the East” trilogy by Fred Saberhagen, first published in 1968, and most recently printed in an omnibus collection of the entire trilogy by Tor in 2004.


KAMN Show #32: War for the Oaks


Feature Discussion: Summer, David and Brian talk about Emma Bull’s critically acclaimed 1987 debut novel, War for the Oaks.

We get a glimpse of how there might be magic in all realms that may happen to collide in this world of ours. All in all, it’s a fast, fun read. Go check it out.


KAMN Show #27: Highlander


Dave and Brian go over the highlights of the movie, and some lively discussion about what does and doesn’t work for the story and the myth. It’s much easier to ignore the continent-hopping accents and origins than it is to ignore some of the plot problems. The humor and the wonderful acting by Clancy Brown truly shoot this movie to higher levels of appreciation, as well as some of the more unique camera work.


KAMN Show #18: Clash of the Titans


The feature topic for this show is the cult classic mythology fantasy, Clash of the Titans. This 1981 feature film stars Harry Hamlin, Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Ursula Andress, Burgess Meredith, and some of the most memorable creature effects Ray Harryhausen created during his illustrious career (he retired from filmmaking after this movie).


KAMN Show #10: Ladyhawke


This week, we discuss the 1985 fantasy Ladyhawke. Is it a cult classic, or is it something else entirely?