Podcasts with an Old School Feel


Yes, I’ve been known to go trawling on the podcast waves, looking for other scifi and fantasy related podcasts, and podcasts about old shows. Since I’m doing one for Babylon 5, I like to see what other older shows people out there are geeking about.

Another Ninja guest spot

Into the Dark, a podcast brought to us by H. R. Tucker and the Computer King, features Summer in the latest episode.

A discussion of Santa’s “inherent evil”, and a Computer King Arena smackdown with Summer Ninja vs The Reigning Shogun of Taiwan.

Ninjas in Other Podcasts


Right after Thanksgiving, I chatted with The Lipstick Aliens, Show #13. They even stumped me with some trivia questions.

Knights of Arcadia

This week’s episode of Galacticast is just too good to pass up.

Ninjas have been Nominated


The Kick-Ass Mystic Ninjas podcast has been nominated for a Parsec Award in the “Best Fan Podcast” category!

We have Links!


Looks like the awesome SFFAudio.com site mentioned the KAMN podcast back in November, and I’m only just now finding out. I really have to check incoming links more often.


One step closer to a podcast: we have a theme song. I can’t tell y’all yet, because that would all sorts of spoil the surprise.

Cross-promotion is good for the spirit

Last night, I joined Chuck and Kreg from Chuck Chat Technorama, and I let a good chunk of my geek side show. Go to Technorama for August 28 and hear me geek out, and maybe even put out the call to get Joe on there next, since they’ve now they’ve had 3 out of the […]