Robin of Sherwood Revisited


Every now and then, comments pop up on my old review of Robin of Sherwood, for the original (and at the time only) NTSC Region 1 DVD set of that classic and magical series, from people asking where they can find the DVDs.

Early on, they couldn’t, unless you found one of the box sets I’d managed to purchase. But as always, things change, new releases come about, and surprise surprise, by the time I republished that review here, new DVD sets had begun to arrive on the shelves.

Review: Robin of Sherwood


Even after 20 years, this series still holds a special place in the hearts of many, including mine. Seeing these episodes in clearly remastered digital glory rekindled the magic, even though it’s been nearly 15 years since I’d seen them last, on worn and barely viewable VHS tapes made from the series’ brief run on Showtime from 1984-86.

Review: Sapphire and Steel


“Sapphire and Steel have been assigned.”

The blurb on the back of the case reads: “The spiritual precursor to The X-Files, SAPPHIRE AND STEEL is one of the most atmospheric, mysterious, and compelling television programs ever made. Joanna Lumley and David McCallum star as alien investigators sent to Earth to monitor and police ruptures in time.”

KAMN Reviews?

Since Dragon Page Cover to Cover has thrown the door open to more contributor reviews, both in audio and print form, I’d like to do the same thing here.

There are a lot of books and movies and tv shows that we won’t get to, or at least not get to any time soon, so I don’t see any reason why we can’t post written reviews here, or include the occassional audio review in a KAMN episode. Same Ninjas rules apply… anything 10 years old or older is fair game.

KAMN Show #33: Quantum Leap


Feature Discussion: Summer, David and Brian talk about the Emmy-winning series “Quantum Leap”, which ran on NBC from 1989-1993, starring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell.


KAMN Show #20: V


The feature topic for this show is a pair of cult classic television miniseries, “V: The Miniseries”, and “V: The Final Battle”. The original miniseries, which first aired on NBC in 1983, and the continuation miniseries that aired in 1984, were created by Kenneth Johnson, and initially conceived of as an allegorical tale about the rise of fascism in the United States.


KAMN Show #16: Space: Above and Beyond


The feature topic for this show is Space: Above and Beyond, a military scifi show created by X-Files writers Glenn Morgan and James Wong for Fox Network, and likely one of the first victims of Fox Network’s habit of early killings of scifi shows with potential.


Heat Vision and Jack


I thought you guys might want to see this pilot for a show spoofing Knight Rider and other similar classic scifi shows. It stars Jack Black as a NASA astronaut on the run with his talking motorcycle companion voiced by Owen Wilson.

KAMN Show #11: Dune


This week, we discuss Dune, the 1965 Frank Herbert novel that continues to have an impact on the way people think about science fiction.

The Ninjas also cover the theatrical movie (several different versions of it), and the more recent SciFi Channel miniseries treatment of the book. Listen to their varied opinions on the creative interpretations.


Free TV downloads available


However, there are some other shows that might be of interest to the KAMN audience: The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Pinky and the Brain, the animated Beetlejuice, Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Wonder Woman, V, La Femme Nikita, and for me (whoo-hoo), Spenser: For Hire.